Tellington TTouch


Tellington TTouch – What Is It?
Tellington TTouch is a kind and respectful way of working with animals to help them overcome a variety of health and behavioural issues.  It was developed over 30 years ago by Linda Tellington Jones and is now widely used around the world by trainers, shelter workers, vets, physiotherapists, behaviourists, riding instructors and animal owners. TTouch recognises an inextricable link between posture and behaviour and uses body work, ground work exercises (where appropriate) and specific equipment to release tension and to promote a feeling of calm and well being.  This in turn helps animals develop self-confidence and self control and enables them to move beyond their instinctive and, often fearful, responses.
Contrary to out-dated beliefs, handling a fearful, defensive or reactive animal in a positive, mindful, calm way does not reward, and therefore reinforce, that behaviour, it can change it. The Tellington TTouch has a profound and potent effect on the nervous system and has a powerful influence on responses and mood. Even well established patterns of behaviour often alter within a very short space of time and the Tellington TTouch has even saved the lives of many animals whose behaviour has been deemed to be out of control.

The focus is always on what the animal can achieve rather than what they can’t achieve and the aim is to work below the threshold at which the animal has to react, particularly when handling animals that are nervous and/or defensive.

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